Can I File a Lawsuit After Being Injured by a Pressure Cooker Malfunction?


Many people have pressure cookers as a quick and easy way to make food within their house. While they are usually safe to use, there is recently an increase in defective pressure cookers that are malfunctioning and causing severe injuries to those who use them. This is being seen through a rise in product liability cases against the companies who produce these devices, such as Instant Pot, NuWave, Mirro, Cuisinart, Phillipe Richards, and more. If you were injured by a defective pressure cooker, contact an experienced Texas personal injury attorney for assistance.

How Can a Pressure Cooker Accident Happen?

There are many different parts to a pressure cooker, which is why there are a variety of different ways an accident can happen. Most of these devices require a safety valve so that steam can be released before the cooker is safe to open. If the valve is defective and does not work, an “explosion” of 200-degree foods and liquids can occur. In addition to this, defective lids, seals, gaskets, or locks can also cause these explosions to occur. When this happens, it can result in life-changing injuries such as severe burns, blindness, disfigurement, electrocutions, and more. It can also cause damage to the home, as proven by several past pressure cooker recalls due to fire hazards. 

How Do I Sue for a Defective Product?

Injured parties who wish to hold a pressure cooker company liable for their injuries due to the defective device can do so through a design defect lawsuit. In order to prove that there was a design defect, the individual is required to prove that a safer and more economically feasible design for the product exists and could have been used instead. This can sometimes be difficult to manage, which is why a skilled attorney can assist the injured party in gathering evidence to prove negligence. 

When pursuing legal action, it is important for the injured party to keep the statute of limitations in mind. Simply put, this is a deadline by which the injured party is required to meet when filing a personal injury claim. If they do not do so in time, they can lose their right to legal action and chance to recover compensation for any damages. In the state of Texas, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the injury.

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