Multiple Myeloma Linked to Round-Up Use

We Are Taking Cases For People Diagnosed With Multiple Myeloma Connected To Roundup Weed Killer
Multiple Myeloma Linked to Round-Up Use
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Multiple Myeloma’s Link To Round-Up Weed Killer | We Are Talking To Victims Like You

For decades, Round-up has been used by homeowners across the United States to kill unwanted weeds in their yards. Unfortunately, a grim reality related to Round-up has recently come to light. Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Round-up, is the most popular and profitable agrochemical, being registered to use in over 160 countries and accounting for around 25% of the global herbicide market. Recently a California jury voted to penalize Monsanto/Bayer 2 billion dollars for their deceit and fraudulent marketing of Round-Up.

Multiple Myeloma is a form of cancer that begins in plasma cells, typically found in bone marrow. These cells are critical to making the antibodies necessary to fight off infections. Myeloma cells can cause a myriad of complications, including tumors that grow inside a bone, brittle bones that lead to breakage susceptibility, likeliness for severe infections, and kidney or heart failure. Patients who have been diagnosed with this form of cancer often need radiation, chemotherapy, or targeted therapy that is aimed at specific cancer cells.



In a 2019 study, published in the Journal of Hematology and Oncology, Cleveland Clinic oncologists found Glyphosate to be an environmental risk factor for the development of multiple myeloma in animal studies. Further, the data established an implication that the mechanism underlying the B cell-specificity of glyphosate-induced carcinogenesis which were observed in epidemiological studies. These authors reviewed the varied epidemiological study results as well as the contradictory animal studies about the relationships of Glyphosate with multiple myeloma. They concluded the third pillar, required to define a compound, as a carcinogen mechanism of action had not been established before their study. Their study date revealed that mechanism. Glyphosate elicits B cell-specific mutational mechanism action in promoting carcinogenesis. This finding provides a molecular basis for the epidemiological studies linking Glyphosate to the development of multiple myeloma.

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