Recovering Compensation After a Boating Accident in Texas


With nice summer weather around the corner, people all over the state of Texas are looking for reasons to get back outside. For many, this can include taking out their boat that has been out of use all winter season. While this can be fun and exciting, it is important for boat owners to be safe in operating them. This is because if they are not used or taken care of properly, accidents can happen that have the potential to cause life-changing injuries to a person. That is why people need to be very careful when they are on or near a boat. 

To ensure that boats are safe to be used, boat owners have an obligation to keep them in good condition before they even touch the water. This ensures the boat will function the way it is meant to while out on the water. Individuals who become injured due to negligence on the water can hold the boat owner liable. When pursuing legal action, it is important for injured parties to retain the services of an experienced Texas personal injury attorney for assistance.

What is Boating Negligence?

When a boat goes out on the water, it is the owner’s job to make sure the right safety precautions are implemented. This ensures the safety of those on and around the boat. A boat owner may be negligent for the following:

  • If he or she is not an experienced boater
  • If he or she collides with another object because of inattentiveness, drowsiness, etc.
  • If he or she does not provide proper safety equipment on board and someone becomes injured as a result
  • If he or she operates the boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • If he or she causes an injury due to speeding 

Recovering Compensation

When an individual sustains an injury due to the negligence of a boat owner, they may want to hold them responsible for their injuries and the damages they incurred. This can be done through a personal injury lawsuit in which the injured party must prove negligence by satisfying the burden of proof. This can be done with evidence that shows the boat owner engaged in behavior that directly caused the accident and injuries. Evidence may be pictures or videos of the scene, medical documentation of the injuries, and any witnesses. 

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