Why You Should Avoid Social Media When Filing a Personal Injury Claim


When someone is injured due to no fault of their own, they will very often retain the services of a Texas personal injury attorney who can help them file their personal injury claim. While our firm will do everything in our power to win you the compensation you deserve, you must also do your part by refraining from posting on social media. Please continue reading and speak with our firm to learn more about why it is in your best interest to avoid social media throughout the duration of the claims process. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Why should I stay away from social media after filing a personal injury claim?

After an accident in which you sustained serious injuries, you most likely filed a personal injury claim. Once you file such a claim, you should understand that oftentimes, the other party’s insurance company will monitor your social media accounts. While you can help prevent this by making your accounts private, in many cases, they can still access the content you post regardless. The reason insurance companies often monitor social media accounts is to see whether you post anything that contradicts your claim that they may use as “evidence” to “prove” that you are not truly injured, and therefore do not require financial compensation. This means that if you say you broke your arm in an accident, though you post a picture of you throwing a baseball, there is a very good chance they will try to use that picture to disprove your claim. This is why it is always best to avoid social media altogether, as even posts that you believe to be harmless can negatively impact the outcome of your claim.

How can I recover compensation after sustaining an injury in an accident in Texas?

To recover compensation after sustaining an injury in an accident, you will have to hire a knowledgeable Texas personal injury attorney who can gather and present all the evidence needed to satisfy the burden of proof. Simply put, our firm will have to prove that you sustained serious injuries due to another party’s negligence. Some of the most useful forms of evidence include pictures of the accident or its aftermath, surveillance footage of the accident as it happened, medical documents regarding your injuries, witness statements verifying your claim, a copy of the police report filed at the scene of the accident, and more.


If you or someone you know has been wrongly injured, you must not wait. Our firm is ready to help you through each step of the legal process to help ensure you recover the financial compensation you need to move on with your life. We are ready to help–all you have to do is contact Brock & Goetzmann, PLLC today.

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